Fintech Panel

With Orlando Tech Association

If you’ve spent any time with me at all, you’d regard me as a fairly quiet individual. There are a few topics that, when engaged, I will ramble on about endlessly. I become obsessed with certain aspects of my industry and fintech (financial technology) is one of them. Which is why I was both delighted and terrified when I was asked to speak on a panel at the Orlando Tech Association.

It was near the deadline of April 15th (aka Doomsday for accountants and tax preparers) and I had been buried in work, anxious to out and about again.  The theme was Fintech: “We are talking tech and money… without the pain. How technology has impacted the way we manage our money from how we save and plan, pay, process credit, and provide services in managing our funds and our taxes.”

Here’s the thing, I am always nervous when speaking on a panel. There was no outline or prepped questions, I didn’t know who I’d be speaking with. The gentlemen shown in the photo below are leaders in fintech in Orlando and beyond. However, once I get a mic and a feel for the questions, I can’t stop. This is my subject. It’s like all the knowledge I’ve been storing for a rainy day…people actually came to hear about it.

image (30)

I was able to share my favorite technology, where I think the industry is going, and how we see technology changing and challenging traditional methods.

You can watch the full event live here. Fintech is till a major obsession of mine, so get in touch if you care to ramble!