Co-Founder & Partner of The Heroes Group Accounting Firm

Aubree Rider began her entrepreneurial journey at the University of Central Florida. Aubree made her first big splash as a Marketing Intern, bringing an environmental company online and launching their first digital marketing strategy.

Seeking new challenges, Aubree went on to problem solve for the William C. Demetree Family Office, operating as Demetree Global. Her keen business skills and knack for understanding consumers allowed her to effectively pave a path for profitability for each project she worked on with minimal cash outlay.

Over the next four years as Marketing Director, Aubree was able to reach across multiple departments, industries, portfolio companies and resources to launch effort after effort: a complete rebranding of a 300+ bed multi-family housing complex, facilitated the first Red Carpet Monday in Winter Park, developed strategies to fill empty hotels and housing spaces across multiple facilities, and created brand awareness for the entire group of organizations.

Aubree fell in love with the energy and found fulfillment in helping businesses generate cash for growth. She enjoyed seeing happy employees achieve their goals. She sought to disrupt the way people saw accounting. She felt that bridging the gap between understanding your consumer and helping them understand their business, was the key to giving entrepreneurs the tools they needed to thrive as small business owners.

The result was the launching of The Heroes Group, a new accounting firm of Sidekicks focused on small businesses. Aubree Rider’s consistent curiosity serves her well as The Heroes Group seeks to not only help business owners take control of their finances, but becoming a resource for growth and brand potential.